Retro Bins with Funky Designs

For the most part kitchen bins are not considered a piece of art. They are generally functional but ugly and confined to a corner of the room out of the way so that you do not have to look at it or God forbid, smell it. Brabantia BINS however are working hard to change that. They want to create bins that are works of art. 2012 Brabantia Retro Bin Designs They have a range called Retro Bins which are inspired from the world of art. They asked two artists to produce bins based on their art techniques. Both artists were winners of the Iron In Style competition in 2010 and 2011. The first designer used the popular pastel shades and pretty patterns to produce a beautiful girly bin. The other designer created an urban gritty street art bin that was inspired by London. The success of these Brabantia bin designs inspired them to create a competition this year to ask the public to create the designs this year’s Retro Bins. There were six categories people could choose from: Modern art, Street art, Photography, Illustration, Textiles and handmade and Montage. There were two winners and their entries were entitled ‘Pop Kitchen’ and ‘Kitchen Collage’. They are now available to buy as part of the limited edition Retro Bin collection. 2013 Winning Bin Designs So if you love a little creativity in your life then one of these beautiful pedal bins could be just the thing for you.