The Art of Drying Hair

The truth of the matter is that I do not have a lot of hair. Actually I have virtually none at all. OK, technically I do have hair. It is on the side of my head, in my ears and up my nostrils. My hair didn’t really fall out as opposed to just get up and walk to other embarrassing parts of my body. The hair that did stay on the top of my head however, decided that it was going to turn grey and grow faster than the regular hair that is left, leaving me feeling like a baldy freak!

So it will come as no surprise to you that I have zero sympathy for my wife moaning how long it takes her to dry her hair. Basically her old Babyliss blow dryer has died and she doesn’t know whether or not to buy a popular elchim hair dryer or the more expensive but trendy dryer by Paul Mitchell. My first reaction was to tell her to buy the cheapest model but she gave me a look that said shut up, so I did. The elchim blow dryer range seem dependable and generally get positive reviews. On the other hand, the Paul Mitchell hair dryer is more expensive and not so well known. However, those in the know rave about it and say it is awesome.

So that is the dilemma that my wife is left with and I have to practice my “I am listening to you and feel your pain” face when really I’m dying in side! I’m only joking of course, or maybe just a little bit. But seriously, I do love my wife’s hair so do care what happens to it. That is why I decided to research the two products myself. I do like the look of the Elchim range but have to say that Paul Mitchell does come across as a cool dude and am very tempted to let her buy his version 2 blow dryer.


The Art of cleaning your teeth

Open Wide Toothbrush Tips


I’ve been reading a lot of electric toothbrush reviews recently because I’m thinking about getting a new brush like the ORAL B 5000. Whilst researching that I came across a forum post about cleaning your teeth with an electric toothbrush. The user asked the question:

“How do you clean your teeth with an electronic toothbrush without sending the toothpaste flying everywhere?”

At first I thought to myself, what a ridiculous question. Indeed the following post said “try closing your mouth!”

However as I cleaned my teeth this morning with my toilet tree electric toothbrush review and I could not help but think about that post as I looked at the colgate toothpaste dribble on my jumper. I had started with the brush in my mouth before I turned it on. I had closed my mouth as best I could when running a vibrating device over my teeth. I even turned off the toothbrush in my mouth before taking it out yet here I was with toothpaste on my jumper. The most annoying thing about it, is that it is a nightmare to get toothpaste off a top without washing it. So now here I am with toothpaste on my top thinking that maybe that wasn’t such a stupid question after all and perhaps I should post a response to that mans post pointing out that it is not as stupid as it sounds.

But I won’t. Who wants to be trolled over a toothpaste comment!

5 Things to do with toothpaste …

other than clean your teeth

Did you know that toothpaste is not only efficient cleaning your teeth however you can likewise clean various other things with it as well? It can deal with scratched CDs and DVDs, aid with areas or even assist clean the white tricks of a piano. Here’s a list of some of things that can likewise be cleaned with tooth paste! 1. Piano Cleaner Consistent tickling on the ivory piano keys can turn them unclean.

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You can clean them up, the exact same way you clean your teeth. All you require is a brush and tooth paste, brush the tricks of the piano well and afterwards rub them with a damp fabric. If tooth paste can work on human teeth, it can likewise work well on elephant’s teeth (ivory). Toothpaste is equally excellent as a cleaner for modern pianos with plastic mains.

  1.  Deal with Nail Holes We know nail holes make your walls look bad and you could need some professional assistance to fix them. Wait! Try tooth paste. You can quickly fill the nail holes with tooth paste, let it dry and touch it up with paint. Issue fixed!
  2. Excellent Stain Remover for Clothes Ink, lipstick, ketchup! Dropped them on clothing? Don’t worry! Toothpaste will make these stains vanish in a minute. Simply apply some tooth paste on these tough staining’s, scrub them, rinse well and poof! They are gone. Colgate toothpaste.
  3. You can even tidy up your carpet discolorations with the help of toothpaste in the same method.
  4. Quick Remedy for Pimples Required a quick solution to treat those zits? Simple! Apply tooth paste on the zit at night and clean it in the morning. By morning, it will be gone. Toothpaste effectively absorbs the oil from the zits, making them dry and flattens them. Keep in mind that this solution should not be utilized more than as soon as a week as it can make your skin over dry. Likewise do a patch test prior to using as some individuals may get skin irritation by utilizing it.
  5. Makes your CDs Scratch less Oops! There’s a scratch on your important CD. No issue! Put some toothpaste on it and clean it off with a piece of clean cloth.

The Art of Telling The Time

Common questions on Wrist watches

breitling superocean


Rolex, Quartz and the popular Hublot Greengo have actually controlled the watch market with popular designs and strong track records of enduring mechanics and trusted time pieces. Nonetheless, as manufacturing processes have ended up being more economical and efficient the function of watches has turned more to fashion and condition. Treasure and antique watches are frequently appreciated as jewelry or masterpieces rather than just as time pieces. Ladies generally choose watches based upon fashion look and often wear inexpensive outfit watches that are of decent quality however function bolder fashionable designs. Men’s bridal gown watches are proper for company and official clothes and lend an air of control and timeliness.

Astronauts need watches that can stay effective through no gravity environment, high temperature level changes, strong vibrations, and other severe conditions. Remarkably, astronauts used 24-hour analogue dial watches on the first manned U.S. orbital objective to avoid confusion in between AM and PM which are meaningless in area. Divers also enjoy specialist watches that they can use underwater like the omega seamaster Aqua terra roSe gold.

Watches represent structure, continuous motion, and synchronization. The idea of the watch’s function in society has altered considerably from its invention as the calculation and importance of time has evolved.

As clocks developed and ended up being more trustworthy people wanted a mobile time keeper. The first wrist watch was made in sixteenth century England and was exceptionally popular among ladies. Guy chose the watch till the twentieth century. Military men started to make the change to using wrist watches as they used time synchronization in fight to stay clear of indicating to the enemy. In World War I soldiers were likewise encouraged to use their watches on the wrist for the improved effectiveness of checking time over a pocket watch that a soldier would have to reach into their coat to see. This time-keeping trend continued in the post-war period as gotten soldiers remained to use their time pieces at home and wrist watches rescinded pocket watches as the popular accessory.
The first digital wrist watch appeared in the 1920s and was popular as a futuristic digital time piece however they were too pricey for the typical market. Collectors choose analogue dials over digital displays for many reasons consisting of historical importance, outstanding work, and greater quality of dials and watch workings.

The watch continues to develop and as its importance fades in a society with smart phones and devices to take its location it definitely will continue to establish to keep with the times.

Finding The Perfect Saucepan Sets

What makes the perfect saucepan?


Have you ever spent any time researching saucepan sets to try and find the perfect one? What is it you look for? For me, I am looking for a set of saucepans that heat evenly. You don’t want hotspots that cook your food in the middle and not the outside. You want the handle to be tightly attached so it does not wobble when you hold it. You want the right weight so that mean they should not to heavy so you strain your hands but not so light that it gets easily dented. The lids should fit snugly onto the pans. It has surprised me how many saucepans fail simply because the lids do not fit. They are either far too tight and difficult to remove, or just too loose and do not do the job they are supposed to do.


All Clad D5


Being from the United Kingdom I think that we have some great options from Europe. I recently found some fantastic induction pans here. However, if you live in the States, then you should check out the all-clad d5 stainless-steel essential pan. My friend Dwayne raves about them. He says they heat more evenly than anything else he has ever used. Now Dwayne is a research it to death before you purchase kind of guy so I know he spent a loooonnnggg time looking at the All Clad D5 set before buying. He knows he was onto a winner when they arrived individually wrapped in silky black bags. When he got the pans out he was struck by their elegance. His pans now take pride of place in his kitchen hanging up over his stove.

Dwayne, I’m jealous. I hope All Clad comes to the UK soon.



the artful makeover

beautiful makeover

Fashion is an interesting thing. In one sense it is about trying to express who you truly are with your unique funky style. In another sense it is conforming to what everybody else looks like based on where you shop.

With fashion things are in or they are out. Take for example hair. Straight hair has been fashionable for a long time. Curly or wavy hair has had its moments but for the most part has not been considered ‘cool.’ So essentially, if you were born with curly or wavy hair and you want to be fashionable then you need a piece of equipment to do something about it. I hear that people love the Babyliss Big Hair brush but you can use anything you like.

Having said all that and sounding incredibly cynical and anti-fashion. If you are feeling down in the dumps or want to give yourself a dramatic makeover, straightening your hair can make a huge difference. My partner owns cloud nine straighteners and swears by them. I was browsing through pinterest and saw some great dramatic changes that highlighted this. So if you want to give yourself a dramatic makeover, check out some hair straightener reviews, find the best one for you and get straightening.

the art of Induction Cooking

induction hob pans

I don’t know how much you know about induction cooking but these things are a work of art. To me they have a futuristic look to them that is ageless. By that I mean I could picture them in a retro Star Trek episode, a stylish noir like Space Odyssey or a modern science fiction film like District 9. Not only are they aesthetically appealing but they work incredibly well with the right induction hob pans.

Everything with induction cooking is controlled by electricity. You can set the temperatures to exactly what you want and because they use magnetism to cook you won’t burn yourself if your hand touches the heated element. This is especially good if you have young children who like to try things out by touching them. They are also a lot faster than conventional cookers which is great in this day and age when we want everything instantly.

Induction cookers are beautiful, useful, practical and better for the environment because they use less energy regular cookers. You don’t need special induction cookware either. As long as your current cookware is metal and a magnet sticks to the bottom them you can carry on using them. If not, then it is a good excuse to buy some stylish new saucepans to go with the stylish new cooking equipment.